About A Kinky Thing

A Kinky Thing is a Natural Hair Salon located in Miami, FL specializing in the cultivating & grooming of Locs, Sisterlocs, Twists, Braids, & Natural Hair, as well as being a Wellness Center offering Natural Hair Care Products, Skin & Body Products, Loc Jewelry, Vintage & Custom Jewelry, & Art.


By taking a synergistic approach we provide a wide range of different shop activities and events, which combine urban culture with music, film, and fashion. Our goal is to develop a brand of service & entertainment that will be identified with lifestyles that reflect the realities of consumers with diverse backgrounds. We aim to become a nationally recognized Hair Salon by surpassing the standards of our peers and competitors. A Kinky Thing has the absolute mission to reinforce this brand by way of providing consistency through its look, style, feel and content.


We view ourselves as being on the pulse of fashion and entertainment and moreover as partners in the community that supports our services and products. A Kinky Thing has a personal responsibility to be involved in the community, not only to cultivate our fan base and brand awareness, but as a way to give back to those who support us.

About the Owner